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Valley District Track and Field Spring 2004

Spring Excitement in the Valley Means Track & Field Competition...


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Gallery~Links | Result/Coaches | Bev Good Memorial Scholarship | 04 Qualifying Standards Outdoors | Valley's Best '04 ~ STAT Ranked '04 | Bev Good Memorial Nominees

2004 Bev Good Memorial Scholarship Recipients

These outstanding senior track athletes have exemplified the characteristics of Bev Good:

Sportsmanship, Mental Toughness and Fierce Competitiveness.

photo by Holly Marcus DNR

Michael Billington

Turner Ashby

Nathan Turner


Jacki Workman


Georgetown University

Radford University

Mary Washington College


AA Program Acrobat Keepsake - Valley's Finest and Good Memorial Nominees


AA 2005 State Meet to be held at VMI in Lexington



The Virginia AA

State Championship Meet

JMU June 4,5 2004


Results ~ Page 1 ~ Page 2 ~ Page 3

Milestat Article

Turner Ashby Boys 4x800 Relay State AA Champions

Nathan Turner Spotswood

State AA Shot Put Champion

(Indoor and Outdoor '04)

The Valley District Girls Vaulters Shine!

Pictures taken with

a Sony Mavica FD91 (archives),

Canon D-30, and a

Sony DCR-TRV20

Special thanks to the Neals and all other photo contributors.

Contributions, corrections and updates are welcome. Email contris
Coaches feel free to send "quality" digital photos, results or other information about your programs.
Thankful to live, work, compete, and play in America!  
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