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Shenandoah Valley Track Club Race Director Resources


NaMatch for searching race results for close matches to names, for points series.
To use it, download NaMatch.txt, and rename it to NaMatch.exe.

For 1-50 Runners, 1 day, $1, and 1-10 volunteers:
Small race advice. Small race checklist.
Open source race timing programs:
TimeIn8 for recording times with a laptop PC. Rename this file to "TimeIn8.exe" before running it.
Times01 example output text file from TimeIn8 above.
TimeOut5 for compiling latest times to a results file. Rename this file to "TimeOut5.exe" before running it.
Entries example text file required by TimeOut5 above.
Result01 example output text file from TimeOut5 above.
Explanation text file of how to operate the above programs.

For 50-500 Runners, >50 days, >$50, and 10-100 volunteers:
Medium race advice. Medium race checklist.

For >500 Runners, >500 days, >$500, and >100 volunteers:
Large race advice.

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