Shen Valley Track Club

Checklist For Organizing a Medium Running Race, 50 to 500 Runners.
Joseph D. Rudmin, January 8, 2011.


__I. Planning.
____A. Find a former race director for advice.
____B. Identify the people who will want to run in the race and who will want to help.
____C. Pick a safe, easily followed route.
____D. Pick a date with few schedule conflicts.
____E. Pick a well-focussed theme and popular beneficiary for the race.
____F. Ask a local running organization to support the race, with advice, publicity, and liability insurance.
____G. Obtain permissions of local authorities for the race.
____H. Compare registration fees of similar races.

__II. Setup.
____A. Sign up volunteers for finish line, registration table, water stops, and course direction.
____B. Obtain sponsorships, t-shirts, prizes, bananas, and bagels, by donation or purchase.
____C. Ask for police assistance for major road crossings.
____D. Create a registration form and publicity flyer with essential information and liability waiver.
____E. Put publicity fliers on bulletin boards, desks at athletic facilities, and registrations of other races.
____F. Buy carefully targeted advertising on radio and in print.
____G. Post race to local websites and email lists.
____H. Buy small traffic cones, rope, markers, duct tape, and PVC pipe for finish line.
____I. Obtain cash bag, timers, cups, folding chair, and refreshment table.
____J. Test timing and finish line system, with the volunteers who will use it.

__III. Day before race.
____A. Prepare preregistration lists.
____B. Copy course maps and registration forms.
____C. Stuff each registration bag with a t-shirt, race number, safety pins, and race course map.
____D. Buy bagels, bananas, and water.

__IV. Day of race, 2 or 3 hours before race.
____A. Set up registration table, refreshment table, results board, and start and finish lines.
____B. Place race course traffic cones.
____C. Walk or jog volunteers along the entire course, leaving them at their stations.
____D. Discuss with the timers and those collecting tags, the finish line routine and how to handle corrections.
____E. Register runners for the race.

__V. Race.
____A. Thank runners for coming, thank sponsors and help, briefly describe the course, and ask for questions.
____B. Synchronize all timers with a countdown, "3, 2, 1, go!" or a starting pistol.
____C. Accurately record order of finishing runners.
____D. Announce winners and distribute prizes.
____E. Send a bicyclist or runner on a warm-down around the course, to tell volunteers they are done.

__VI. After race.
____A. Pick up race cones.
____B. Clean up finish line and water stations.
____C. Post results to local website, listserves, donors, sponsors, and interested newspapers.
____D. Write journal entry on the race, to improve next time.
____E. Write thank you letters to donors and sponsors.

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