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Who is that runner #645?
This article on the 1980 Bridgewater 10k was provided by Butch Proctor.

Dunno who was runner no. 645. But I know Dwight Denlinger, of course, and knew Becky Price from Harrisonburg High School. We were the first two girls to run cross country at HHS; we had to run with the boys because there was no girl's team at the time. Coach May didn't like the fact that he had to coach us too...

And Irene Spieker ran on the VT women's cross country team with me. Women's cc and track were club sports then, and we were so poor we had to race in the old cast off uniforms of the field hockey team. Irene was a senior when I was a sophomore, I believe.

Barbara Dotson-Brooner

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